Covid-19 Safety


Product Safety

Even if all sources and experience indicate that it's highly unlikely that a product like a book or a t-shirt could present any danger, our products are sealed and they have been in storage before the breakthrough of the pandemic. Any new product stocks will be revised and quarantined if necessary.

Work area Safety

At the beginning of the day we will sanitize the store, specially the door and the entrance area which are the ones most exposed to the exterior. We have a working table and a "ready for pickup" area that will be cleaned every day when we start processing orders. We will also use gloves and face masks when manipulating the products.

Delivery Courier Safety

When the driver arrives to the Citadel store to pick your order we will keep minimal interaction to protect both him/her and us. The courier can safely pick the parcels from the "ready for pickup" area at the entrance.


Our measures are just the first layer of protection. The next layer will be the safety protocols deployed by the corresponding shipping company, and the third (for international orders) will be the destination country customs inspection. 

Once the delivery courier arrives, please use a face mask to avoid any dangerous interaction (remember is not only your safety but the courier's safety) 

After you remove the shipping envelope, discard it in the corresponding recycle bin or container and sanitize your hands. Additionally, we recommend you follow any safety measures issued by your local health authority. 

If you have any further questions about safety please use the contact form!